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Sierra Sleep by Ashley
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Dream Away on Sierra Sleep by Ashley Mattresses for BIG Savings

Whatever your bed size or lying position, Sierra Sleep by Ashley has engineered a perfect solution to get you your 7-9 hours of rest for optimal performance and long-term health. Don’t settle for another week of waking up tired and sore! Your life actually depends on it. If you’re suffering with a subpar mattress, upgrade affordably at Flamingo Furniture. Thanks to their manufacture by the world’s leading furniture brand, Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattresses are kept astonishingly affordable so ordinary hardworking households like yours can have the upgrade you need.

Get Sierra Sleep by Ashley Mattresses for Awesome Comfort

To be on top of your game the next morning, Sierra Sleep by Ashley queen mattresses and other sizes from twin to king give you the finest “ride.” One of our top-selling memory-foam mattresses from this renowned brand is especially good for back and stomach sleepers because its five foam layers including a gel one for heat control have exactly enough “give” to fit themselves to your body’s contours. Ably taking over your body’s support from your muscles are no less than 720 pocketed 15-gauge steel springs in the mattress’s center. These are buttressed by 13-gauge coils along the mattress’s edge so rolling there in your sleep or sitting on your Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattress is never a problem. Add a pillowtop to some models for an extra-soft sensation. Awaken ready to tackle the new day’s challenges.

Add Fine Sierra Sleep by Ashley Memory Foam Pillows for Head and Neck Support

Our selection of Sierra Sleep by Ashley memory foam pillows uses the same quality foam that makes the brand’s mattresses a hit among our customers. These pillows especially support your neck to complete the cloud-like experience of rejuvenating your body and your mind. Thanks to Sierra Sleep by Ashley’s phenomenal savings, every night you can dream of all the things you can buy.

All this relaxation from Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattresses and pillows can be YOURS for record-low bargains EVERY day including Sunday at our Brooklyn, NY store.